Prof. Dr. Walter Schmidt

Prof. Dr. Walter Schmidt is an exercise physiologist who focuses on cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology. During his 15 years of scientific work at Hannover Medical School, he received his doctoral degree and habilitation in Physiology. In 1995, after two years at the Free University of Berlin, Prof. Walter Schmidt became head of the Sports Medicine and Sports Physiology Department at the University of Bayreuth.

An outstanding scientific achievement was collaborating with Dr. Prommer and developing the “optimized CO-rebreathing method” for determining Hb-mass and total blood volume. Based on this technique, Prof. Walter Schmidt has carried out extensive studies on endurance performance, talent finding in endurance sports, acute and chronic altitude adaptation, and the detection of blood manipulations in sports. In recent years, he has focused on clinical questions regarding the diagnosis of dilutional anemia in heart and liver patients as well as the diagnosis and therapy of polycythemia patients.

Within the framework of Blood tec, Prof. Walter Schmidt is responsible for all scientific matters.